Kudos and Testimonials

At Wedgewood we understand that you have a choice of agencies and freelance designers. We appreciate your time and have provided some testimonials and referrals from colleagues and clients. If you would like to speak to them in person please contact us today at info {at} wedgewooddesign [dot] com.


“Get it Done” Attitude

Tradeshow Campaign by Graphic Design“I worked with Amy for several years at Bottomline and she was indispensable to our marketing team, both as a graphic designer and an all-around problem solver when it came to creative services — whether it was for a customer-facing project or an internal communications need. Amy’s crafty ingenuity, work ethic and “get-it-done” attitude make her a strong asset to any team.”
– Deidre Moore, Director of Marketing, Bottomline Technologies

Spirit and Caliber of Service we Strive to Provide

122402765“I wanted to express my delight with your redesign of our logo and subsequently, all the stationary materials for my practice. Your design embodied the spirit and caliber of service we strive to provide to our clients and goes far to enhance our efforts to perpetuate our brand.”
– Raymond R. Noel,  Certified Private Wealth Advisor, Northeast Planning Associates, Inc.


Ability to Work with our Team

Wedgewood | Cochecho Arts Festival Branding PartnerAmy Spainhower volunteered her time and talent to the Cocheco Arts Festival this year and immediately added her special creative talent and more importantly here ability to work with a team. As the Chairman, I especially appreciated Amy’s timely response and adherence to deadlines which is a critical component of getting our message out the the public and is critical to our ability to attract the sponsorship funding we rely on so heavily.”
– Tom Levasseur, Chairman, Cochecho Arts Festival.

Creativity Goes Well Beyond Her Artistic Capability

Me Time Photography, Illustration and Graphic Design by Wedgewood Graphic Design“Amy is a very talented graphic artist with great marketing skills, including a strong understanding of eCommerce marketing. Amy is extremely professional and thorough in any task that she takes on. Her creativity goes well beyond her artistic capability, she is also very creative in any task she tackles whether it be related to the development of marketing materials or finding sales leads to grow product lines she is responsible for. Amy is a complete team player and is willing to do whatever it takes to be successful. Amy is a leader and is comfortable taking the lead in any project. I highly recommend Amy and would be willing to discuss her skills personally.”
– Mark Lane, President, Coed Sportswear home of Me Time

Special Talent for Expressing Words Visually

Beacon | small business branding“I am a business owner who’s business is to provide understanding of complex issues and concepts for clients and prospective clients. Amy has a special talent for taking words and expressing them in a way the is not only visually pleasing but which enhances the clarity of their meaning.”
– Thomas F. Levasseur, CLU, MS Ed., The Beacon Retirement Group.


We Received Expert Advice on Branding

Wedgewood Graphic Design | Event Branding Partner“Amy Spainhower at Wedgewood Graphic Design is not only hugely talented, she is a pleasure to work with. It is not easy to provide design services to a committee, as there are a variety of opinions and ideas. Amy was able to gather feedback from a multitude of voices and provide recommendations about what would serve us best. So we not only got a great graphic designer, we received expert advice on branding too.”
Molly Hodgson, Executive Director, Greater Dover Chamber of Commerce


With Help from Our New Brand, Potential Clients Feel a Connection Right Away

483114853“Being in business can be challenging, but with professionals like Amy in your corner, the challenge just became a whole lot easier… Amy is not only extremely knowledgeable about what she does, but really takes the time to understand who you are, who your clients are, and the best ways to market to them. My potential clients feel a connection right away, more peace of mind, and lastly, secure in their decision to purchase insurance even before meeting me face to face. Amy created a brand that was exactly what I wanted to achieve and because of that, potential clients call on a regular basis.”
– Terri Trepanier, Owner/Broker, Balanced Care Health


Creative and Talented Designer

“Amy designed the brand for The Mom Entrepreneur. She was able to take the feedback given by mom entrepreneurs in our online support group and create a look and feel that spoke to them. Since then, she has created other banners, animated GIFs, letterhead, business cards and other graphic elements to support our brand. Amy is a very creative, visual and talented designer. I highly recommend her work.”
– Traci Bisson, The Mom Entrepreneur

Dedication and Creative Flair

Award Winning Design by Wedgewood Graphic Design“During my first weeks as Vice President of Marketing at Bottomline Technologies, I promoted Amy to head our Creative Services function. As part of a highly matrixed 10-person marketing team, Amy single-handedly supported the graphical brand work, advertising and interactive media programs for 6 categories of software across 4 lines of business internationally. During this time, she led the creative concepts and execution for several award-winning programs, receiving the highest praise from the Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals. Together with the marketing managers and directors, she planned and executed dozens of diverse product launches, including sales collateral, advertising and lead generation materials. During my tenure, she was also instrumental in graphic design on several executive initiatives, as well as the company’s global, corporate Websites; two corporate trade show properties and numerous online media initiatives. Through her leadership, we transitioned to more advanced digital production methods and high quality, in-house print technologies that enabled us to reduce our overall costs by as much as 75%. Amy is a true professional and a highly disciplined designer capable of juggling a large volume of projects simultaneously — from soup to nuts. Her good humor, dedication and creative flair make her a great addition to any team!”
Lisa Clark, VP Marketing, Bottomline Technologies

Insightful, Creative and Fresh Approach

451016685I have worked as a vendor with Amy in her capacity as a Creative Services Manager for Bottomline Technologies. I have always found her to be extremely competent and refreshingly creative. Her thorough knowledge of the printing process and layout software enables her projects to proceed through our prepress department quickly and without delay.

My daily responsibilities put me in direct contact with many designers of varying abilities. It is a pleasure to work with a true professional who understands both the software component, but more importantly, the art of design. Too many individuals purchase the equipment and software and call themselves a Designer. Amy has earned her title and has the ability to interpret the goal of the project and develop a design that works.

I would, without hesitation, recommend Amy for any position that requires an insightful, creative and fresh approach to marketing communications, project development or design.
– Edward DuBois, Vice President, Vermillion, Inc.

Someone You Want On Your Team

“I worked with Amy for approximately 15 years at Botttomline Technologies. She was extremely detail oriented and capable of just about any task. Amy is a true professional and someone that you would certainly want on your team.”
– Tom Bartolotta, Director, Bottomline Technologies