Good first impressions are critical when making initial contact with a new prospect. Basic foundation elements such as a logo and business “look and feel” on a business card, brochure, sales kit/presentation or website will make your marketing easier, and your image appealing and professional. Your unique, recognizable look will attract clients with ease while increasing confidence and credibility in your business.

Imagine this scenario – you and your spouse are going through a major life event (i.e. buying a house or having a child). You need to meet and interview different service professionals recommended by friends and family. (i.e. real estate agent, mortgage rep, builder, financial institution, doctor or daycare, etc).

At the last minute, your spouse calls and he/she is stuck in traffic leaving Boston. Route 1 is a parking lot. So your spouse asks you to attend the meetings and get as much info as you can.


  • Arrive at a nice building
  • Are greeted by smiling faces
  • Get a tour of the facility
  • Discuss services/credentials
  • Review you list of questions
  • Take copious notes

Now you meet with a second professional. You receive the same impression of the facility; you feel the same warmth and kindness as the last…. As you finish the tour of the facility, you think to yourself “what a tough decision we have to make….”

But this time when reviewing services/credentials the representative, at the second meeting, gives you a professional sales kit. Inside are a photo of the individual and the facility, and a list of products and services with an explanation of each.

Also in the packet is a list of frequently asked questions as well as individual and family photos of past clients with quotes and testimonials explaining  how they benefitted from the services and/or relationship.

When you return home that evening, you have a kit full of information to review with your spouse. What a handy tool that sales kit will be during the decision making process…. Not only do you have something to review that reminds you of your experience/visit, but, you have key facts and photos about the business.

Once you experience great service from that professional – you in turn have information to pass along to family and friends. Think about what an impact that kit has made and how many people it could influence…

If you or someone you know wants to create an impactful first impression, as well as increase confidence and credibility in your business, please contact Amy Spainhower at Wedgewood Graphic Design for a free consultation.