164114501Many business professionals and entrepreneurs ask me how to engage with their clients and prospects in Facebook/Social Media…. Here is some quick advice. Think about a topic that you feel you can provide expertise in that showcases your knowledge etc. Click here to download a document that can assist you in brainstorm possible article/post topics. Write an article on your website or create a post in the social media platform of your choice. Run it through a quick checklist before you take it live:

  • Is it informative? Make sure it will be viewed as “informative” not “sale-like”. (Remember the 80/20 rule: 80% informative & fun to 20% sales & promotional)
  • Is it visually appealing? Create graphics and visuals are processed thousands of times faster than text, affect our emotions which in turn affect our buyers decision-making. So don’t forget to include a visually appealing and effective graphic or video with every post or article.
  • Is it simple and easy to share? Then close with a “call to action” such as “Learn More”, “Share”, “Tell us what you think” or “Take Action”.If you’d like more details on each specific “call to action” topic… we will go in-depth with each of these topics starting in August to help your business blossom!.
  • Always end with a CALL TO ACTION!

We will be jumping into each CALL TO ACTION topic listed below to discuss how, when and why you want to use each one.

PART 1: “Learn More”

PART 1: “Share” – coming in August

PART 1: “Tell us what you think” – coming in August

PART 1:  “Take Action” – coming in August

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