Small business owners sometimes struggle with ways to grow their online presence. There are many ways to grow online and expert Chris Brogan offers some great advice through an online video (link below). There are many things you can do for “free” to start growing your online presence. Then as your budget frees up you can expand to customizing your website with custom graphic design and brand your social media pages (facebook, twitter, you tube) with your logo, contact info.

View some businesses that took full advantage of custom graphic design to brand their social media pages:

Twitter Branding 1 Facebook Branding 1

Twitter Branding 2 Facebook Branding 2

The thrid FaceBook branding example goes to the next level with 3 landing pages (under left hand column info.) Each landing page represents a different line of business and contains a branded ad speak to that unique audience.

If you’d like to custom brand you Twitter and Facebook Pages (or even YouTube) contact Wedgewood Graphic Design today

Take a look at Chris’ video for some quick tips.