Does your small business provide terrific services? DEFINITELY! But….

  • Do your ideal clients and prospects know that? Or are you the best kept secret?

Perhaps you’ve been networking in person, but, you lack any “leave-behinds” like business cards, a rack card or brochure? If you’re making connections online, perhaps prospects don’t take you seriously because you don’t have a website/online presence in social media… or worse yet – it’s severely outdated and not mobile friendly.

  • Are you embarrassed or ashamed of your marketing materials?

Are you afraid to send people to your website or hand our print materials because they are outdated. Perhaps your business has evolved and your marketing materials no longer reflect an accurate picture of services that you offer.

  • Are your sales and marketing materials comparable or better than your competition?

Take a critical look at your marketing materials! (your logo, business card, brochure, website and social media profiles, email communications and tradeshow/event signs & posters) 

  • Would your prospective clients recognize your brand or are you all over the map?

Do your prospective clients know they are learning about the same business if they read your print materials and then visit your website or your social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)? Are all your marketing platforms branded professionally and consistently?

iStock_000013085497MediumIf the answer is yes, then you can stop reading now. But if the answer is no, or you hesitated answering, then you’re visiting the right place.

Wedgewood Graphic Design is here to assist small business owners, professional service providers and trades professionals attract more of their ideal clients through affective and affordable graphic design which helps position them for growth. We will make sure your ideal clients know exactly how awesome your small business really is.

balanced-care-branding“Being a small business owner can be challenging, but with professionals like Amy in your corner, the challenge just became a whole lot easier.”

Terri J. Trepanier,  Owner/Broker |  Balanced Care Health and Supplemental Insurance

How will Wedgewood Graphic Design do this exactly?

Well, each client and their situation is different, but basically it begins with pinpointing the issues. Small business issues can vary in complexity and scope. Are you looking to:

  • Define your brand and create your business brand and identity
  • Update your current business look to a more established, sophisticated, professional appearance.
  • Create and build awareness for your company
  • Extend your tradition marketing into the world of social media
  • Take your business start-up ideas and translate it to a new logo, business identity package, sales/investor presentations or even a website.

Here is a small sampling of the types of ideal clients we have helped.

  • Accountant
  • Financial Planner
  • Massage Therapist
  • Dietitian / Nutritionist
  • Chiropractor
  • Esthetician
  • Personal Trainer
  • Hair Stylist
  • Carpenter
  • Woodworker
  • Construction
  • Realtors / Real Estate Professionals
  • Human Resource Consultant
  • Business Consultant / Business Coach
  • Marketing Consultant
  • Event Planner
  • Travel Agent / Tour Consultant
  • Non-Profits
  • Software Start-ups

See what our clients and colleagues have to say about our work.

We will work together to implement the right solution for you.

After you enlist the help of Wedgewood, you can look forward to clients and prospects paying closer attention to your small business. You may look forward to hearing “That’s a cool logo” “Nice business card, they are so professional.” “I’m so glad you have an easy-to-read brochure to answer all my questions.” “I saw your website and it was easy to find all the information I needed”

JEMevents“Amy is a true professional.  She is very pleasant to deal with and extremely creative with the ability to zero in on exactly what the client is looking for.  I highly recommend her!”

Jan Merkley, Owner | JEM Events



You will begin to feel more confident about your small business!

Before you know it you will be handing out professional business cards with your company logo on it or even sending customers to your new sophisticated website. And the best part is… confidence is contagious. Soon your customers will feel a sense of confidence buying your products or enlist your professional services. …And being the awesome successful small business you are… they’ll keep coming back for more. That is all part of the experience I can provide.

So what are you waiting for? Another day is another dollar wasted. Act now and invest it in your business! Contact Wedgewood at 603-817-3626 or by email today for your consultation, and the owner, Amy Spainhower, will personally listen to needs, learn about your business and competition and we will make you look awesome!


ray-rack-card“During the initial meeting with Amy, we discussed my business plans, who my main competitors were and how I wanted the logo and colors to match my personality. Amy used the information that I provided in our interview to prepare a company logo, letterhead, business cards and website header.  She used her experience and expertise to guide me in the right direction. Everything came out great! I look forward to working with Amy in the future as my business needs grow. I highly recommend Amy and Wedgewood Graphic Design to anyone!”

Raymond A. Bisson, LLS PLS | Stonewall Surveying

We are convieniently located in the seacoast of New Hampshire, therefore we can easily service entreprenuers and small businesses in the Rochester, Dover, Portsmouth, Exeter, Manchester or Concord Areas as well as Southern Maine and Northern Massachusetts

Call Wedgewood today to schedule a consultation and learn how we can help your small business grow. 603-617-7277