Did you know over 46% of consumers consider web design a deciding factor of a company’s credibility or brand? Unfortunately today, having a web presence isn’t enough to stand out anymore. Your company needs a website that’s optimized for a mobile user experience…

Now Google, one of the world’s leading search engines, rolled out a new algorithm on April 21, 2015. It is now penalizing websites and pages if they are not optimized for a mobile experience. Google explains, in order for a site to be considered “mobile-friendly” that site has to be readable without tapping and zooming, its tap targets need to be spaced out appropriately. Additionally, your website/pages should avoids unplayable content or horizontal scrolling. In plain English… the site simply needs to be easily usable from a mobile device – whether that be a smart phone or tablet.

This is pretty important seeing 88% of Americans use the internet as their primary tool for product and service research before making buying decisions.

If you’d like to test whether your website is mobile friendly you can use a free google tool, enter your URL to see how your site stacks up. Click here to do so

If you have questions about your website and need help determining how to make your site mobile-friendly – call Wedgewood Graphic Design today.