Logos & Branding


At Wedgewood Graphic Design, we take a sensible approach to logo design. Before we put pen to paper, we first take time to understand your business market and the objectives for your logo and brand. Unlike other companies, which may limit designs and use pre-made, cookie-cutter graphics, every design we create is unique – just for our  clients.

There are four principles that we follow to ensure that your company has a quality logo design…

An effective logo is

  • Simple
  • Memorable & Unique
  • Adaptable & Flexible
  • Ageless & Consist


Most design professors would remind us of the K.I.S.S. Principle. When translated  K.I.S.S. means: Keep It Simple, Stupid. While not meaning to offend, it reminds us of an important design considerationSimple logos are often easily recognized, incredibly memorable and the most effective.  Think of a car driving down a highway… a simple identity will quickly catch the attention of viewers driving by at 55 mph. I’m guessing your family can detect the golden arches from a mile away.

Memorable & Unique

This goes along with simplicity… You want a logo that is distinctive and bold and will make a visual impact with your viewer. You should always select an easy to read font as part of your logo. You want your logo to be easily identified with a quick glance and make a lasting impression.

Adaptable & Flexible

Ideally you should select a logo that is useable across many different media – in print, online and broadcast. An experienced graphic designer can assist you with this. The logo design you select should be effective with or without color or reversed out in white. It should be scalable; meaning you want your logo to be effective in conveying your brand no matter what size.  A great logo should be equally effective whether on a highway billboard, in magazine ad, on a website or business cards. Your business may be small today, but your logo design should consider the future.

Ageless & Consist

When you make the decision and select a font for your logo and colors to make up your logo/brand… stay the course. Viewers, customer and prospects will learn to identify this combination of elements. Changing these elements will not only confuse your identity and brand, but, it will end up with potential clients not recognizing or remembering you. Some believe that a new or redesigned logo will somehow transform a business. But a business shouldn’t go around changing their logo on a whim. A well designed logo will meet the criteria outlined above, and will persevere for years to come

If you have questions or concerns regarding your logo and brand you may contact Amy Spainhower, owner of Wedgewood Graphic Design for assistance.