Consider for a brief moment how significant the presentation of online information is to you and how it affects your buying decisions. Now think about how a lack of online presence,  a poorly built website or a lack of critical information and how it could negatively impact business!

A well-crafted website is essential for attracting a steady flow of quality leads, generating consistent sales and ensuring your business stands out in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Most business owners and service professionals realize having an online presence is important, but the thought of setting up a new website or updating an existing one feels like a daunting endeavor.

Why you need a web presence?

  • Use your website to promote your business – It essentially is your online storefront – and much cheaper than brick and mortar. The better it looks and more and up-to-date it is, the better impression it will make on your potential customers.
  • A website does away with geographical and time constraints – Whether it’s 2am or Thanksgiving Day, the internet never closes – which means your business is open all the time, without any extra effort from you.
  • A professionally designed website can level the playing-field between your business and your more established competitors. It will open your business to new markets outside your local area which allows you to grow.
  • Provides a platform for you to share your knowledge. How many have you been asked the same questions. Sharing this knowledge online can not only improve service, but, it can save you significant time.

If you have a website already… maybe it’s time to update it!

This question is one we hear often from business owners… “how do I know it’s time to update/upgrade my website”.  Here are a few indicators and guidelines to help you identify when it’s time to focus on upgrading or overhauling your existing website.

    •  The cost of administrative fees for your current website is expensive and/or the process is time consuming
    • Your layout and navigation is difficult to use
    • You website color palette and graphical elements don’t match/represent your brand well (isn’t consistent with your printed materials, sales presentation, social media platforms and the content is out of date)
    • You are still using flash on your website which is outdated and limits google from finding content on your site
    • You haven’t updated your site in 3+ years and now site is vulnerable to being hacked
    • You don’t have a blog or a vehicle to add fresh content and engage with your customers
    • You current site isn’t highlighting your work or client testimonials… and as a result isn’t “selling” for you.
    • You website isn’t meeting your current business goals because your business model or direction has changed and that isn’t reflected on your outdated site.

Wedgewood Graphic Design understands that a website is only good if people are actually seeing it. So, besides offering website design and graphics that only a professional graphic design studio can provide, we have partnered with experienced and talented writers, developers and SEO experts to help you. We can assist with web advertising, ad design, SEO services, video creation and social media branding to help increase your website traffic as well as rankings to get the attention of your target audience.